(Listed left to right from top. Click on image to enlarge)

Plowing Pennsylvania: Original watercolor 20x30 ... $1500
Sheepin' Around: Original Mixed media 16x20 ... $1000
Labrador Study: Private collection
Log Loungers: Limited edition prints .... see STORE
Pond Pals: Limited edition prints ... see STORE
For the Love of Lillie: Private collection
Through the Eyes of a Wolf: Private collection
New York Windows: Original watercolor 18x30 ... $1000
Rowing the Hooch: private collection
Jamming at Skippers: private collection
Kissin' Cousins: .... private collection
Persimmons Ready for Eating: Original watercolor 16x20 ... $800
Magnolia Bloom: private collection
Guardian Angel: Original watercolor pencils 12x22 ... $800
Bass On!: Original watercolor on aquaboard  16x20 ... $600
Crockie!: Original watercolor on artboard 16x20 ... $600
Gator Bait: Original watercolor on aquaboard  16x20 ... $750